Which Subject to Choose After CBSE Class 10th?

after cbse class 10 result 2018 subject

Hello friends, I am sure that this is very big question for all the students out there who have given the CBSE class 10 board examination that what stream he/she should choose, I am here to solve this problem for you. The most important things which have to see is, in which subject you have interest such as if you like technology like things then you can choose Science with Math, if you are creative and want to make creative things then you can choose Arts or if you are good at calculation then you can select Commerce, so we can say that it’s depend mainly depends on your interest.

This  do’s thing are very important for  you after getting the CBSE 10th result 2018 because after that you have to select subject in which you are going to make your career. Now, coming to some important do’s point:

  • Select subject in which you are interested.
  • You can also choose subject in which you are good and getting good marks from the starting.
  • Before selecting any subject do research about it.
  • Also check this after choosing the particular subject in which field you can make you career.
  • You can also choose Science with Bio or Math as an additional subject.
  • Listen the advice of everyone but choose subject with your own decision.

do's and don'tsDon’ts:  
After the do’s thing now it time for some don’ts which you don’t have to do after CBSE class 10 result 2018, make sure you will read all the points carefully. Have a look at following points:

  • Do not choose subject on the basis on majority.
  • Do not choose the stream by thinking that he/she is choosing this subject then I will choose the same.
  • Don’t influence your own thinking with what others said.
  • Don’t choose subject on the basis of other people choice because you have to study they are not going to study on your behalf.
  • Don’t select subject according to the trend or which is popular.

I am sure after reading out the above points you will be easily able to choose subject after CBSE result 2018 which will announce soon and even if you are still confused you can share your problem in the comment box as this is very important decision of your life which you have to take very wisely on time.

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